Management Bios

Michael Amanfi, Chairman and CEO

michael_amanfi.jpg Michael brings extensive technology management experience to G-force Microsystems Limited. Prior to co-founding G-force Microsystems, Michael worked as a senior technology consultant for several top North American companies. From is base location in Toronto Canada, Michael provides strategic planning and advise to G-force senior management here in Ghana. In addition to co-founding G-force Microsystems, Michael is also the found of Team Workflow Technologies Inc., a Canada based technology consulting company with primary focus on Microsoft Technologies. Michael is a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer and was awarded the Microsoft Canada’s Top Developer Award in 2007.

Festus Amanfi, President and Chief Financial Officer

king_small In addition to co-founding G-force Microsystems, Festus is an Ontario Certified Advanced Emergency Medical Care Attendant and a Primary Care Paramedic in Canada. Festus also brings extensive background in I.T. after working as Chief Systems Analyst and Technology Assistant in Toronto, Canada. As the President of G-force Microsystems Limited, Festus plays a critical role in managing the entire set of G-force Microsystems business units. In addition to his role as President, Festus is also the Chief Executive Officer of G-force Microsystems Limited and provides organizational leadership and work to grow the business.

Victor Obeng Nuamah, Vice President

feb12_01.jpg Prior to joining G-force Microsystems, Victor run an independent technology consulting company in Ghana. In his role as the Executive Vice President, Victor is responsible for ensuring business continuity and work with all branches of the G-force Microsystems organization throughout Ghana to improve organizational processes. In addition to his role as the Vice President, Victor also work directly with the President and CEO to manage the business as well as on new business initiatives.

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